Zabo API v0.5 is now live

We’re pleased to announce that Zabo Sandbox v0.5 is now live!
This release contains many improvements to the platform, including:

  • Support to 70 new ERC20 tokens, increasing our sandbox to a total of 76 currencies
  • Improved developer dashboard experience, with a better UI and easier onboarding process
  • Several improvements and bugfixes in the Zabo connection widget
  • New endpoints available at the Zabo JS SDK (Please visit for a full list of endpoints)

Also we will continue to work hard for the next few weeks in order to launch our new version v0.6, so stay tuned! Remember to join us if you have the opportunity in the next events the Zabo Team is going to be attending in San Francisco, Las Vegas, São Paulo, Montreal and Toronto!

Thank you,
The Zabo Team.