V0.11.0 Released

Hello, Zabonites! We quietly released v0.11.0 last week during travel and other happenings. Nonetheless, this release is undoubtedly worth noting because it offers the ability to obtain all Ethereum token balances for any address or xpub with a single call! That’s right; we launched our Ethereum API which allows applications to access raw Ethereum data directly without going through Zabo’s standard connection process. Applications have access to the following just by using their API Keys:

  • Block Information
  • Smart Contract Bytecode
  • All Tokens
  • Balances for all Addresses and Extended Public Keys
  • Transactions for all Addresses and Extended Public Keys
  • Derived Token Transfers for all Addresses and Extended Public Keys

In addition to the new Ethereum API, we upgraded how our system interacts with Coinbase and Coinbase Pro. We also made small improvements to Zabo Dashboard, among other bug fixes in our servers. Next stop is DeFI :smiley: As always, please check out our documentation, and visit our discord to chat with us!