Redirect URIs and Provider Currency Tickers!

We recently pushed a couple of new updates due to popular demand!

Redirect URIs

The connection process now supports redirect URIs out of the connect widget. To set this up, login to your Zabo Dashboard and navigate toward Team Settings -> Developer Settings. Then scroll to the bottom section and select “HTTP redirects.” Scroll to the bottom of this section, and you will find the area to enter authorized redirect URIs for your application.

You can enter multiple URIs. This allows redirects for different environments. The process for utilizing redirects during the connection process is outlined in our updated documentation at

Provider Currencies

We have added a provider_currency field to most objects that currently contain a currency field. The value in the provider_currency field is the underlying provider’s ticker string for the currency being referenced. For instance, if your user has connected their account from an exchange that uses “XBT” for Bitcoin, the currency field will be “BTC”, Zabo’s ticker for Bitcoin, and provider_currency will be “XBT”. If the currency is not recognized by Zabo yet, indicated by is_parsed: false, then currency and provider_currency will always be the same. Transactions also have a paired_currency field, and we have added a paired_provider_currency partner for this field as well.


As always, let us know if you have any questions or comments regarding this update, or any other API feature by leaving them below. Happy building!

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