Recent Bug Reports and Help Requests

I wanted to take some time to post recent reports and requests we’ve received in our discord channel. Feel free to leave any additional comments and questions below!

I just used the same account to hit the create user endpoint and was returned the same user id for both

The design for Zabo is to allow different users the ability to hold the same account, if both users have authenticated the connection to do so. This was an issue within our system that we have since fixed and pushed out. Your application should receive a different user id if a new one is created, even with the same account.

Any insights as to why request id xxx-xxx-xxx-xxx is failing? context: that one user has 2 accounts; 1 account fetches balance properly while the other throws this message “coinbase is not returning data, we’re working with them” type of message

This was an issue we discovered with Coinbase connections and have also since updated. Coinbase will expire both the oauth and refresh tokens for a connection after some time. We implemented a solution which allows these connections to live longer, in case an account has been inactive for a period of a few days. Additionally, when the connection does expire after an extended time, we improved the error message received to be an Unauthorized status 401, and a message that reads Connection expired, please reconnect this account.

Is there a way to check if a transaction has changed status (ie pending --> completed/failed) without paginating through transaction history or keeping a separate cache of pending transactions?

We are just about to push out web-hook updates for transactions, this will update when new transactions are found, but we have not implemented anything for status changes specifically. With that said, we do lag the blockchain enough to simplify logic around possible short-lived forks, such that we only receive confirmed transactions there. We are not pulling in open orders from the exchanges either, only closed orders. So, in the current state, you will only see completed or failed transactions. There doesn’t seem to be anything that will push out a pending transaction yet.

Gemini is again failing with user name and password and is falling back to API & secret key method.

We implemented a fix for this that was happening with some Gemini accounts.

Stay tuned for WebHook updates!!!